Kareem Offers Simple Answers to Complex Issues at Kalamazoo Public Library


“They might not look like you,” the basketball legend and author said Tuesday in Kalamazoo. “They might come from a totally different tradition. But they have the same goals and they believe in the (U.S.) Constitution and equal protection under the law. That appeals to everybody and most people wouldn’t stay here if that wasn’t the case.”

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The Hollywood Reporter: Why ‘Get Out’ Is ‘Invasion of the Black Body Snatchers’ for the Trump Era


 The horror hit’s family of “chipper Kellyanne  Conways whitesplaining away racism” reveals the modern face of public bigotry, writes the THR columnist and NBA legend, who recalls his own past as the “Good Negro” of white society. I recently watched the highly entertaining thriller Get Out and the deeply disturbing documentary I Am Not Your Negro. Turns Read More »

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Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Interview with Kareem


This was the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar we never got to see during his six seasons in Milwaukee in the 1970s, when he almost single-handedly put the Bucks on the map, led the franchise to its only NBA title and redefined the center position, terrorizing opponents with his signature “skyhook” shot.

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