The Hollywood Reporter: Hollywood’s New “Zero Tolerance” on Offensive Speech Makes Zero Sense


6:53 AM PDT 7/24/2018 by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ director James Gunn’s recent firing over old tweets and a Paramount TV exec’s dismissal amid racially charged comments only reinforce an “atmosphere of fear” and fail to account for the “totality of the person,” writes the Hollywood Reporter columnist. In the iconic TV series Kung Fu, Shaolin Read More »

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The Hollywood Reporter: Why the Trump Era’s Movie Villains Are “Morally Woke”


6:30 AM PDT 7/17/2018 by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar From ‘Black Panther’s’ Killmonger to ‘Incredibles 2’s’ Evelyn Deavor, this year’s big-screen baddies are more “conscionable” than the evildoers in the White House and reflect the ultimate problem: “Those who let this despairing situation come about: us.” The three most popular movies of the past few months — Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity Read More »

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Why Ninja Warrior is the sport America needs (The Guardian)


BY: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar , Wed 11 Jul 2018 05.00 EDT The TV show will never rival any of the major US sports but it teaches us that an athlete’s reach should exceed their grasp As bantering sports commentators, barstool fans and tall, handsome retired athletes endlessly debate which sport will emerge as the future national pastime, a subversive competitor has Read More »

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July, 27, 2018 – 2018 National Trademark Exposition (Washington, DC)

Friday, July 27, 2018 at 10:15am National Museum of American History 1300 Constitution Ave N.W., Washington, DC 20560   NBA All-Star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is a registered trademark owner, businessman, and New York Times best-selling author. He has written 14 books, including two recent memoirs: “Becoming Kareem” for young readers, and “Coach Wooden and Me” Read More »

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Trump’s opponents have the moral high-ground. Let’s not squander it (The Guardian)


Tue 3 Jul 2018 08.06 EDT As Americans fear losing hope, some have turned to personal attacks on White House figures. That won’t fix the national crisis n the 1941 noir potboiler movie I Wake Up Screaming, Betty Grable’s character asks a corrupt cop: “What’s the good of living without hope?” To which he replies, “It can Read More »

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The Hollywood Reporter: LeBron James Is “Right Hero at Right Time” for L.A.


5:20 PM PDT 7/2/2018 by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar The THR columnist and NBA Hall of Famer welcomes James to the Los Angeles Lakers but says his political activism and Hollywood savvy will make just as big an impact as his basketball. Welcome to La La LeBron Land. LeBron James’ announcement that he is joining the Los Angeles Lakers Read More »

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