The Hollywood Reporter: Trump’s Coronavirus Reaction Reminds of ‘Hunters’ Nazi Conspiracy


Christopher Saunders (‘Hunters’) The president’s blame-the-black-guy rhetoric and foot-dragging behavior have the same result as the Amazon show’s gleefully unrepentant Nazis’, and his racist failures and lack of leadership will be his legacy. In Amazon’s enthralling thriller series Hunters, leftover German Nazis from World War II are living the high life in America while planning a Read More »

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The Guardian: Why suspending the NBA season was a glorious act of patriotism


The NBA has led by example and put public health above self-interest, which is more than the Trump administration can say Those too busy emptying the Costco shelves of hand sanitizer and toilet paper might have missed the news that the National Basketball Association has suspended the season due to the coronavirus pandemic. Other professional and Read More »

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