The Guardian: Athletes are shot dead all the time in the US. It makes grim, tragic sense


Three young athletes were shot to death in the last week alone. When you factor in race, guns and politics in the US, tragedies are inevitable ” A senseless act of violence.” That’s how University of New Mexico athletic director Eddie Nuñez described the 4 May shooting death of 23-year-old UNM baseball player Jackson Weller. Read More »

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The Hollywood Reporter: What’s Really “Black” About All These Black Movie Remakes?


Illustration by Maria Corte The Hollywood Reporter’s columnist looks at two new takes on originally white-cast films — ‘What Men Want’ and ‘Little’ — and sees the needle of racial equality nudging forward “a bit.” Hollywood has a long history of metamorphizing movies that featured white casts into movies with predominantly black casts. Most famously, The Read More »

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