The Hollywood Reporter: How ‘La La Land’ Misleads on Race, Romance and Jazz


The musical is “daring and deserving,” writes the NBA legend and culture critic, but the “bigoted message” of a black man selling out and the “childish notion” of ambition before love disappoints. A recent Saturday Night Live skit depicts two street-tough cops yelling at a handcuffed man they just arrested because he didn’t think La La Land was great. Read More »

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Why Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is joining the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee


“As the first African-American to sit on this committee, I will be able to add my voice, as well as the voices of the people of color whom I represent,” Abdul-Jabbar said via email. “I will add an element of diversity in suggesting how America is remembered, as well as how those overlooked people of color who helped build America are remembered.”

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