Sport molded my character – and Trump has learned none of its lessons (The Guardian)


The best athletes are living embodiments of traits the president is sorely lacking: discipline, hard work, focus, teamwork and sportsmanship Mon 11 Jun 2018 05.00 EDT Donald Trump’s presidency has made one thing agonizingly clear: he doesn’t understand the meaning of sports in America any better than he knows the words to God Bless America. He doesn’t understand Read More »

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: How we can really make America great (The Washington Post)


By Kareem Abdul-Jabbar  June 5 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is a social justice activist and six-time NBA champion. America’s most dangerous enemy is not terrorism, war or immigration. The greatest threat to our country is ignorance. A healthy democracy depends on knowledgeable discourse for survival, but our national conversation is incessantly muddied. Information is twisted, contorted and butchered — Read More »

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Is LeBron James a better player than me? Is Hawkeye better than Green Arrow? (The Guardian)


As the NBA finals get started we know LeBron James’s brilliance is undeniable. But the relative merits of the greats is a debate many players find dull Thu 31 May 2018 05.00 EDT The average NBA player’s career lasts only 4.8 years, about the same time it takes for a drink packet to decompose or the lifespan of a guinea Read More »

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