Kareem Abdul-Jabbar holds the Larry O'Brien Trophy during the Lakers' season-opening celebration of their 1987 title on Nov. 6, 1987. LENNOX MCLENNDON, Associated Press

Day 52 without sports 🏀: Don’t forget Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in greatest NBA player of all-time debates

The NBA G.O.A.T discussion – the greatest of all-time – is tiresome, and "The Last Dance" Michael Jordan documentary has re-ignited this tedious Jordan vs. LeBron James debate. You have your Jordan stans and your...

Podcast: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Like You’ve Never Heard Before

Showtime With Coop has the NBA's All-Time leading scorer and former teammate of Michael Cooper's the great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Read more at
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What Sports Can Teach Us about Dealing with Coronavirus

Like most kids in America, I was taught that sports is more than just physical exercise, it’s also where we learn about fair play, self-discipline, how to be a good winner as well as a...

From the Basketball Court to the Hospital Room: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Donates 900 Safety Goggles to UCLA Health

As UCLA Health rallies the community to step up to support doctors, nurses and staff on the front lines combatting COVID-19, NBA legend and UCLA Health ambassador Kareem Abdul-Jabbar answered the call in a very...

The Hollywood Reporter: Trump’s Coronavirus Reaction Reminds of ‘Hunters’ Nazi Conspiracy

Christopher Saunders ('Hunters') The president’s blame-the-black-guy rhetoric and foot-dragging behavior have the same result as the Amazon show's gleefully unrepentant Nazis', and his racist failures and lack of leadership will be his legacy. In Amazon’s...
The Milwaukee Bucks had been scheduled to play the Boston Celtics on Thursday night at Fiserv Forum.

The Guardian: Why suspending the NBA season was a glorious act of patriotism

The NBA has led by example and put public health above self-interest, which is more than the Trump administration can say Those too busy emptying the Costco shelves of hand sanitizer and toilet paper might...
Abdul-Jabbar in Milwaukee: ‘Go out and make friends with somebody that doesn’t look like you.’

Abdul-Jabbar in Milwaukee: ‘Go out and make friends with somebody that doesn’t look like you.’

Milwaukee Bucks legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar delivered a poignant message Friday to the team's business partners â€” understand your neighbors instead of being suspicious of them. "Go out and make friends with somebody that doesn't look like...

The Hollywood Reporter: Kobe Bryant, Gayle King and Why Black Words Matter

Lintao Zhang/Getty Images (Kobe Bryant) Threatening and demeaning King for examining the late basketball player's complicated legacy, writes The Hollywood Reporter columnist, fosters a "climate of disrespect" that Bryant himself would have never wanted. When Kobe Bryant died,...
Kareem on CBS This Morning Discussing Black Patriots Documentary

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on “CBS This Morning” Discussing “Black Patriots” Documentary

NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is an executive producer of the new History Channel documentary "Black Patriots: Heroes of the Revolution." The documentary highlights African Americans who stood up to British rule and helped establish the...