Kareem’s Life Gets a Spotlight on ESPN.com

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Today is cool day for me. ESPN.com is launching my audio/visual show as a part of my audio book On the Shoulders of Giants. It shows you some insights to my life when I was a young boy growing up who loved baseball and had no serious interest in basketball. As a boy I was interested in competing in many sports — sandlot football, baseball, basketball, swimming and track and field. But baseball was my real love. The field started to narrow down as my body started to develop and I had the prominent physical attributes to become a very good basketball player.

My dad played a hand in this also, telling me that I would get hurt playing football in ways that would preclude me from playing any other sport. Thanks, Dad!

While I was coaching for the Knicks in 2004, I took a quick peek at the Inwood Little League playing fields, and the league is still up and running. It brought back many fond memories of my baseball days, so  I hope that you all enjoy the ESPN E-Ticket excerpt of my new audio book, which reflects this era.

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