Answering Fan Mail II

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

I wanted to add an answer to one more question that didn’t make it onto the previous video.  I received a great question/response on my Slice ‘Em blog from Robert Sommers, and I would like to respond.

Robert speaks of the traditional arts as being civilized and measured as opposed to the mixed martial arts phenomena that are so popular these days.  He certainly has a point.

Unrestrained aggression is a very ugly path to take in living one’s life.  On the other hand, when someone’s life, loved ones, or home is threatened, it is necessary to respond in a radical way.  We have to be prepared to deal with those who use violence as their voice.  The balance is found in knowing when to act and when to use reason.  But it is so difficult to find that moderate space when dealing with irrational aggression.

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