My Personal Story About Sir Arthur Conan Doyle



Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930) is a favorite of mine because Sherlock Holmes is such a compelling character.

I started reading his works on my first NBA road trip. That’s when I became aware of the power of observation, not just in solving crimes on a foggy Scottish moor, but also in terms of being more aware of the subtle shades of meaning in things and people. Holmes is the perfect teacher of critical thinking, forcing you to examine the most obvious objects, circumstances, and even conversations to understand that more is always going on than meets the uncritical eye.

I think Doyle came by his keen observation as a writer because of his profession as an ophthalmologist. Fortunately for the literary world, when Dr. Doyle set up his medical practice in London, no patients came to see him, allowing him more time to write about Holmes. Holmes’ adventures are just pure suspenseful entertainment. No one can compare with Holmes.

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