My NBA dream team of the next decade


I didn’t just look for the best individuals, I picked the best players who would go together as a team. And here they are.

Fans today seem to enjoy speculating on “What If” sports scenarios as much as they enjoy watching actual athletic events. What if: Michael Jordan played one-on-one against Magic Johnson? What if: Muhammad Ali fought Joe Louis in his prime. What if: Lamar Jackson and Tom Brady stood back-to-back holding a football, walked 10 paces, then turned and fired off the ball at each other? Let the hours of entertaining arguments begin! These “What If” games are fun precisely because there is no way to resolve the question. It’s like asking who would win if Deadpool fought Wolverine to the death without their regenerative powers. I’m going to jump right on that bandwagon with a What If scenario of my own: What if I could assemble my NBA dream team for the coming decade?

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