Me, digital?!

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

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I am in the center of a campaign for the iPhone. It’s at the end of an odyssey for me, since I have come into the digital age drip by drip.  I was one of those parents who watched as my children became computer savvy and comfortable with a new technology that has changed the way people communicate. I will have to take some lessons for a while, but the potential of the computer is almost beyond description. I’ll be working with a tutor in order to catch up with the computer-savvy crowd.

My kids tell me there is nothing to be afraid of and that I’ll get it “in no time.” I truly hope so!

As a music and film fan I’m looking forward to downloading films and discs of interest and I’m already aware of the Internet as an awesome research device. Mainly I’m looking forward to exploring the Internet where there is so much to experience. All of my friends have mentioned the huge new world that one encounters when they have their first experience in the Internet landscape. I can’t wait!

Click here to see the iPhone commercial.

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