Is There Anything Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Can’t Do?


Standing at over seven feet tall, flying under the radar was never really an option for NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. The all-time leading NBA scorer, during his 20 seasons in the NBA, Abdul-Jabbar won six championships and six MVP awards, and consistently dominated opponents with his nearly unblockable signature move, the skyhook.

But Abdul-Jabbar’s work has always extended far beyond the court. In 1980, he starred as himself in the comedy classic “Airplane.”

Recently, Abdul-Jabbar has been trying his hand at yet another profession: mystery novelist. A longtime fan of Sherlock Holmes, he’s written three books centered around the famous detective’s brother, Mycroft.

The Takeaway spoke with Abdul-Jabbar about his latest book, “Mycroft and Sherlock: The Empty Birdcage,” his burgeoning television writing career, and the recent resurgence of activism in the sports world.

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