Kareem Abdul-Jabbar wants to be in pictures

By Trey Kirby By most accounts, the average NBA career lasts about five years. That's a nice chunk of time to stack some cheese up, but it's not that long. Just consider that if a...


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KREM 2 Sports

KREM 2 Sports Director Tim Lewis interviews basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar about Hoopfest, the NBA Draft, Adam Morrison, Michael Jackson, and more. Watch the Video

Tampa Bay Tribune

Tampa Bay Tribune article spotlights the NBA’s extensive use of social networking site, Twitter. Read: NBA gives fans Finals insight with Twitter Follow Kareem on Twitter!

Kareem Interviewed on 710 ESPN

Kareem chats with Steve and John about twitter, the growing popularity of his "skyhook" t-shirt, and of course, the NBA Finals   Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on Denholm/Long June 1st, 2009 source
3232 UCLA 1965

“Lew Alcindor strode onto the Pauley Pavilion court Saturday night and captured the town, completely demoralizing the UCLA varsity basketball team in the process,” wrote Mal Florence of the Los Angeles Times. source

Kareem Coming to Hoopfest

Spokane Hoopfest

Kareem on LA, Bynum, Twitter, and the Skyhook

Andrew Bynum needs better focus. Less watching the game and more reacting. Those are the observations of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, a Lakers special assistant and Bynum's mentor. The six-time NBA champion spoke to about Bynum's...

Kareem’s interview with Dave Dameshek, ESPN

Listen to Kareem's interview on ESPN 710 on The Dave Dameshek Show. [audio:]