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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

kareem_appleopens IMAGE file Regarding Horton Hears a Racist….

I have enjoyed the various responses to my blog on “Horton Hears a Racist”. I didn’t seek to try to pin a ‘racist’ label on the makers but I just don’t think that they thought about the whole effect of the story on young minds. We need to promote the worth of all of our children and seek to have them all, boys & girls, achieve all that they can. Dr. Seuss’ original text was not focused in the way the movie is. The additional sub plot, in my view, clearly points to girls as being less capable and less valuable than boys.

My 61st Birthday…
I survived my birthday without having any traumatic events transpire. Herbie Hancock and Smokey Bill Robinson played Happy Birthday for me. It was a great night. I’m gonna post some of my birthday party pictures later so stay tuned. Thanks to one and all for your birthday wishes, it was very much appreciated.

Answering a couple of fans…
To Charles from Hong Kong, stretching and cardio work well keep you where you want to be as far as maintenance. To keep the pounds off remember to check your positions when you sit at the table.
Rasbad and Rocky. You guys need to do something everyday to maintain your conditioning. Cardio and stretching are the best.

Nina Simone…
I met Nina Simone one time only.  But Nina was always true to her ideals. I was impressed totally by her integrity and sense of humor. The music she left us well endures. Enjoy. K.

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