Kareem’s Airplane! Commercial: Milwaukee Business Journal’s 3rd Most-Watched Video of 2014

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Top names in the news made the list of the top five videos watched for the year, with Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Wozniak and developer Gary Grunau attracting viewers.

Meanwhile, readers also clicked on the first look at one of the Wisconsin Department of Tourism’s new TV commercials starring former Milwaukee Bucks star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and actor Robert Hays, and raw video of the last pieces of Northwestern Mutual’s downtown building coming down to make way for the company’s new tower.

Tops for the year, however, was the video above offering an amazing look at what the new downtown lakefront could be. The video’s views were more than double the second-ranked video for the year.

Here’s the list of the five most-watched videos of 2014, ranked by number of views, with the percentage of viewers who watched the entire video:

  1. Lakefront Gateway redesign on display: Slideshow (Video)— 41.9% video completions
  2. One-on-one with ‘Woz’: Steve Wozniak talks Steve Jobs (Video)— 38.5% video completions
  3. [highlight type=”standard”]Wisconsin tourism agency’s ‘Airplane!’ ad takes flight (Video)— 79.7% video completions[/highlight]
  4. Grunau chimes in on Grand Avenue purchase, downtown arena location (Video)— 48.2% video completions
  5. Watch: ‘Big finish’ as last major piece of Northwestern Mutual east building goes down (Video)— 74.6% video completions


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