Banning fans’ free speech is not consistent with our vision of sport. Or democracy


A sign that reads ‘Anti-Facist Always Seattle Anti-Racist’ is displayed in the supporters section during an MLS match between the Sounders and the Timbers in Seattle. Photograph: Ted S Warren/AP MLS fans have been banned for displaying flags with the anti-fascist Iron Front symbol. But it is crucial that peaceful political statements are allowed in Read More »

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar:
Who Decides Who’s Allowed to Say the N-Word?


Astrid Stawiarz/Getty ImagesWalter Mosley The Hollywood Reporter columnist and TV writer defends Walter Mosley’s decision to quit the ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ writers room after CBS admonished him for uttering the racial slur in the context of storytelling. Walter Mosley’s recent New York Times article, “Why I Quit the Writer’s Room,” detailing his contentious interaction with the HR department of Read More »

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Should athletes at the 2020 Olympics take political stances?


 American fencer Race Imboden was reprimanded for kneeling on the medal podium during the Pan American Games last month. Photograph: JOSE SOTOMAYOR – LIMA 2019/AFP/Getty Images What love-it-or-leave-it ‘patriots’ angry with athletes who protest don’t understand is we aren’t insulting the country, but focusing attention on those who don’t live up to its promises Teddy Read More »

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