“I can do more than stuff a ball through a hoop. My greatest asset is my mind.”


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar


NBA all-time leading scorer, New York Times-bestselling author, and U.S. Cultural Ambassador

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is a global icon that changed the game of professional basketball. Since his stellar professional career, he has gone on to become a celebrated New York Times-bestselling author, filmmaker, ambassador of education, and Time Magazine columnist. A sought-after speaker, Abdul-Jabbar recounts in riveting and humorous detail his exciting evolution from street ball player to successful athlete, author, producer, and community activist.

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is the NBA’s all-time leading scorer and a six-time NBA champion. He is also one of a handful of influential and respected black men in America who has a national platform as a regular contributing columnist for The Washington Post and Time Magazine, where he shares his thoughts on some of the most socially relevant and politically controversial topics facing our nation today. After 50 years as an athlete, activist, and New York Times best-selling author, he offers his perspectives as a nationally recognized speaker who regularly appears on the lecture circuit. His new political book, Writings on the Wall – Searching for a New Equality Beyond Black and White was released Fall 2016 by Time Books and offers his personal perspectives on political issues facing America today.

At the end of 2015, his Emmy Award-winning HBO Sports documentary, Kareem: Minority of One, debuted as HBO’s most watched and highest rated sports documentary of all time.

Currently, Abdul-Jabbar serves as the chairman of his Skyhook Foundation whose mission is to “Give Kids a Shot That Can’t be Blocked” by bringing educational STEM opportunities to under-served communities through innovative outdoor environmental learning. His most recent projects include the second novel of the Mycroft Holmes action/mystery series based on Sherlock Holmes’s savvy older brother—(Titan Publishing). In addition to the success of his first novel, his comic book series, Mycroft Holmes & the Apocalypse Handbook was released during Comic-Con in San Diego in July 2016 and continues to be a bestseller.  His next book will be a memoir: Coach Wooden & Me – our 5 Year Friendship is set to debut May 2017.

To cap an already event-filled year, on November 16, 2016 President Barack Obama awarded Abdul-Jabbar the nation’s highest civilian honor, The Presidential Medal of Freedom.

And the momentum continues in 2017. An avid numismatic coin collector, in January Abdul-Jabbar was appointed as the first African-American to the CCAC (Citizens Coin Advisory Council). Then a few weeks later before President Obama left office, he appointed Abdul-Jabbar to the Presidents Council on Sports & Fitness.



It’s All about the Rebound

“To the outsider, my life has been a series of successes, from college basketball to the NBA to political commentator to novelist. But each success story only came after overcoming many challenging obstacles including racism, criticism that I was too skinny to be a formidable NBA basketball player, outlawing the dunk to stop me from scoring while dominating college basketball, criticism from the press and my peers, anti-Muslim sentiment, struggles to get coaching positions due to personality conflicts, difficulties becoming a coach or color commentator on TV, and being taken seriously as a writer. Each of these obstacles was overcome through discipline, perseverance, patience, and some harsh introspection. The road has not been easy, which has made it all the more rewarding.”

The Mycroft Method: How to Become More Productive by Becoming More Deductive

Using the astute observational skills of Mycroft Holmes, whose abilities even Sherlock says are greater than his own, learn how to better observe your world and make it more productive at work and at home.

Finding Your Inner All-Star

From the streets of Harlem to six NBA championships to bestselling author to award-winning film producer and U.S. Cultural Ambassador, the 19-time NBA all-star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has been an all-star at everything he’s attempted. With riveting and humorous detail, Abdul-Jabbar recounts his exciting evolution from street ball player to successful athlete, author, producer, and community activist. Kareem also discusses how he triumphed over CML Leukemia cancer to become healthy and cancer-free. Abdul-Jabbar’s approach to life can provide an inspirational strategy for others and provide insight to key leadership skills for success.

From Locker Room to Conference Room: Building Successful Teams

Every team Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has played on from high school to the NBA has been a winning team. Using what he’s learned during his 20 years in the pros—from his own experiences as well as from great coaches such as John Wooden—Abdul-Jabbar will cite personal examples and experiences and show how these same principles can be used to build corporate winning teams.


Franklin & Marshall College Speech

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“Kareem’s visit to Franklin & Marshall College was a great day. He shared wisdom and experiences before a crowd of 2500 in our packed gymnasium. He gave thoughtful answers to questions from a wide range of perspectives and discussed his book, Writings on the Wall. He showed our students that he respected their ideas and experiences. I liked the candor of his answers and was inspired by his deep conviction that Americans of good will can put aside our supposed differences and promote social justice and the common good. “It’s inspiring to see an NBA legend who is so concerned about the issues of our time and the needs of others. What a superb example for our students! Besides sharing his insights, he shared his example — a lifetime learner, a constant reader, an engaged citizen, a humble human being with an independent mind and a learned voice who would probably have made great impacts as a professor or a judge if he hadn’t been blessed with his unique athletic ability. We can’t wait to read his next book on Coach Wooden and see him again! ” Daniel R. Porterfield, Ph.D. President, Franklin & Marshall College

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