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Skyhook Foundation

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Appointed U.S. Global Cultural Ambassador

Video provided courtesy U.S. State Department

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“We have to stop teaching history and start letting history teach us. My film, On the Shoulders of Giants – the story of the greatest basketball team you never heard of, epitomizes the essence of why I make films, write books and develop educational programs that celebrate social & racial justice.”

— Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

The Skyhook Foundation has teamed up with film makers, writers, and sports icons to develop a series of books and films to help students learn about important people in our nation’s history.

The Foundation’s goal is to identify positive role models who can inspire students to make better choices, so they can achieve personal and academic success.

By developing innovative, multimedia educational programs that offer lessons, inspiration and hope to our future generations, the Skyhook Foundation aims to increase awareness about people of color who have contributed to and impacted American society. These multidisciplinary programs not only offer new narratives to the ever-changing chapters of America’s history but also celebrate our national diversity and emphasize the common threads that unite us.

As part of this inclusive mission, the Skyhook Foundation launched the On the Shoulders of Giants Educational Program in the first quarter of 2011. The program has reached over 1.2 million students across the U.S. through national distribution of a heralded online and print educational program, which was highlighted with more than 20 school visits by Kareem in eight major cities. The On the Shoulders of Giants Educational Program is supported by UCLA, National Council for the Social Studies and NYC & The Newark Public Schools.

In 2012, The Follet Corporation will team up with the Skyhook Foundation to be the exclusive distributor of educational materials produced by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, including those based on his book and documentary, On the Shoulder of Giants. Follet Corporation, a privately held company since 1873, provides educational materials and technology solutions to educational institutions and pre-K libraries and classrooms worldwide. Follett is the leading supplier to more than 120,000 pre-K-12 librarians, teachers and administrators in the U.S. along with a growing number of customers in 148 other countries.

To help further the Skyhook Foundation mission, Kareem is currently developing books and films that will be the basis for other educational programs. Future programs will focus on black inventors who changed the way we live; black military units who fought under General Patton in WWII and who helped liberate Jewish prisoners from three separate concentration camps. Future projects are in development about forgotten heroes who have emerged victorious from social injustice and racial intolerance.

Lend your support to help students learn about forgotten heroes so they may one day be inspired to become their own hero.

“We are strongly committed to bringing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s multidisciplinary approach to history into PreK-12 schools. Our extensive reach into PreK-12 schools in the U.S. and abroad will help bring this unique historical studies program to more students this fall.”

— Todd Litzsinger, President
Follett Library Resources

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